About HarHub

HarHub is the first business incubation service provider positioned itself as a home where entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, drive, and passion come alive. HarHub was established in 2018 to support early-stage startups to grow and expand through unique services.

HarHub creates a collaborative work environment where entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, graphic designers, writers, product designers and developers, marketing minds, tech and non-tech startups, and filmmakers can feel comfortable working on their projects while having the possibility of sharing, engaging, and in essence, creating together with others.

About Tarmiye Crowdfunding Platform

Tarmiye is the first investment-based crowdfunding platform for startups and entrepreneurs in Somaliland and Somalia. It was established in 2019 by HarHub after realizing how difficult it was for youth to raise the capital needed for their startups and innovation projects.

As a result, HarHub’s team made several initiatives to make it easier for promising early-stage startups and entrepreneurs to raise capital online. As a result, Tarmiye Platform is connected to Dara Salaam Bank and can receive contributions through EDahab, Zaad, EVC Plus and Sahal service.

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